Would you like to cheaply finance a used car up to 9,000 USD and not accept the dealer’s first-ever loan offer?

Would you like to take out a loan for a new kitchen or a new living room facility?

Are you planning an apartment renovation, but are currently lacking the small change? Or are you annoyed by an expensive old loan and would like to redeem this loan as cheaply as possible?

In all of these cases, a loan up to a loan amount of 9,000 USD can be an option.

Find out here how you can find the right loan on the Internet and what conditions you should meet so that your loan request is met.

Comparing a few loan offers is the right way to get the loan with the best terms.

Anyone who uses the Internet to compare loans does not have to walk from bank to bank.

The comparison of conditions can be carried out conveniently on the computer without incurring costs or entering into obligations.

Loan seekers can request the desired loan directly from the website of a single direct bank. This is relatively complex, quite apart from the fact that the cheapest credit bank may be overlooked.

It is better to use loan comparisons, which a number of comparison portals provide online.

The market leaders regularly have the largest number of partner banks and therefore the broadest loan offering.

But don’t forget the services of reputable credit intermediaries, who can carry out a professional loan comparison for their customers and submit a free and non-binding offer.

9000 USD credit with Credit lender: no upfront costs and credit-neutral credit request

9000 USD credit with Creditolo: no upfront costs and credit-neutral credit request

Credit lender is a German credit broker and one of the market leaders in its industry. The company from Halle / Saale has been on the market since 2006.

Working with many well-known and lesser-known partner banks enables the financial service provider to provide a wide range of loans.

Credit lender attaches great importance to long-term business relationships with both credit customers and partner banks.

As a result, the loan broker has a strong negotiating position with partner banks in the interest of its customers.

In contrast to some competitors, the credit broker expressly avoids aggressive advertising and the mediation of superfluous insurance.

There are no home visits either. The motto is service quality instead of aggressive marketing strategies.

The customer ratings on the well-known rating portals on the Internet are accordingly positive.

Installment loans

The focus is on arranging cheap installment loans. The interest depends on the creditworthiness.

The terms start at 12 months and can be extended up to 120 months.

For loan amounts up to 9000 USD, of course, particularly long terms are not recommended because this only causes costs. As a rule, terms between 36 months and 60 months are appropriate.

It is easy to convert expensive old loans into cheap new loans with Credit lender.

The financial service provider offers a free debt rescheduling service and advises its customers whether debt rescheduling is worthwhile in a specific case or not.

Self-employed credit

Assuming creditworthiness, a loan for self-employed is not a problem at Credit lender. With a relatively small loan amount up to 9000 USD, the application requirements are relatively simple.

The loan is generally possible from the first month of self-employment. For smaller amounts, it is sufficient to present the latest bank statements or a tax assessment for proof of assets.

The loans are general-purpose loans, so there is no evidence of the use of funds. They are available to all self-employed, not just freelancers.

Craftsmen and tradesmen can also apply for a loan from Credit lender for private purposes.

Credit without

Serious loans without Credit bureau over 9000 USD can not be found in Germany. The credit products offered by foreign banks, mostly from Liechtenstein, are standardized according to interest, terms and loan amounts.

The terms are always 40 months and the possible loan amounts are 3500 USD, 5000 USD or 7500 USD. A monthly payment of $ 225 is due for $ 7,500. This corresponds to an effective interest rate of just over 11%.

Anyone wishing to apply for a Credit bureau-free loan of USD 7,500 must earn at least USD 2,100 (tax classes 1, 2, 4 and 6) or USD 2,500 (tax classes 3 and 5) for a child who is subject to maintenance.

The figures show: Of course, without Credit bureau does not mean without creditworthiness and without income. In addition, loans are just as expensive as overdraft facilities. That is why Credit lender expressly points out that Credit bureau-free loans are a temporary solution.

Take out 9,000 USD in loans through loan comparisons

Take out 9,000 USD in loans through loan comparisons

We recommend the comparison calculator from Centi loan. The portals largely take into account all major direct banks and have a wide selection with a loan amount of 9,000.

However, the self-employed will find only a few loan providers.

Don’t be blinded by the low decoy interest.

The information about the average interest rates and the representative example are more realistic.

Portals are said to follow up by phone if customers cannot decide to take out the loan offered.

Anyone who requests a loan through such portals should be prepared for it.

Typically, only a single loan request is required to get the best loan offer from the pool of partner banks.

Award requirements

Award requirements

Direct banks grant loans to adult customers with a residence and checking account in Germany. Regular employment is a prerequisite.

Sometimes a temporary employment relationship is sufficient, provided that the time limit does not expire within the credit period. A trial working relationship is never sufficient.

The vast majority of direct banks do not lend to self-employed people, and certainly not to traders.

The self-employed are more likely to get a loan at Credit lender than through a comparison calculator.

The creditworthiness is decisive. Score values ​​play a major role at direct banks.

It is also crucial whether the bank believes that the regular income is sufficient to repay the loan.

Direct banks will attach particular importance to this point of view because they only accept silent assignments as collateral.

An important aspect is whether the credit installment can be paid after deducting the lump sum for living expenses that the bank has applied and taking into account the attachable amount from the monthly income.

To a certain extent, the borrower can improve his loan opportunities if he chooses a longer term to reduce the loan rate.

However, longer terms mean higher costs. The term of a loan should always correspond approximately to the estimated life of the object financed by the loan.

Approximately 4.5% interest is currently being charged for a new 9000 USD loan (September 2018). With a 48-month term, this corresponds to a charge of approx. 205 USD. The total cost is approximately 840 USD.

Banks will expect at least USD 1,900 net from a person subject to maintenance to grant a loan with these characteristics. It is an estimate, the actual data in individual cases may differ.