Credit bureau-free loans without prepayment.

Get a loan from your house bank

Get a loan from your house bank

More and more consumers are no longer getting credit on the regular way. This is to blame for the Credit bureau, which has saved negative entries about those affected. And these entries can have a lot to offer. They range from a simple omission in the area of ​​payment liabilities to affidavits and bankruptcies.

But if you have a negative Credit bureau entry – no matter what type – you will not get a loan from your house bank or another local bank. You are simply not creditworthy for these institutes.

For this reason, many consumers are interested in Credit bureau-free loans without prepayment. Without prepayment because you can save the agent’s fees. But how do you get such a loan and where does it come from?

Abroad helps with borrowing

Abroad helps with borrowing

Almost all Credit bureau-free loans without prepayment come from abroad. Here especially from Switzerland. The reason for this is very simple. Cream banks banks can and must query Credit bureau for any negative entries before lending. Foreign banks, such as those from Switzerland, cannot and must not do this.

You do not have access to the entries stored there and have to look for other collateral when lending. As a rule, this is a good income and a co-applicant who is also liable for the loan with his salary. Credit bureau-free loans without prepayment are also limited to a maximum amount of 3,500 USD.

You can get these loans without prepayment if you contact the banks yourself. This can happen by driving to Switzerland and personally speaking to a bank there. If you live near Switzerland or if you spend your vacation there, this should not be a problem. Passport or ID card, co-applicant and proof of income are required.

You also have to be able to provide information about the employer. If you bring a little patience, the loan application will be checked promptly and approved with complete and satisfactory documents. The money can then be paid out directly in cash or transferred to a current account in Cream banksy. Depending on how you want it and how urgently the money is needed.

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