The credit with lightning transfer – when you’re in a hurry.

The credit with lightning transfer - when you

The credit with lightning transfer can be found on the Internet. It should be noted that it is a provider that has a branch network. Otherwise valuable time is wasted. First, the online application is made. It is usual to check the loan application immediately. With most online offers, the test result appears immediately on the screen. If the application is approved, it can be printed out together with a list of the required documents. Actually, the route would now continue via the Post-ID procedure and mailing. This is the time bottleneck of online loan offers.

However, the route can be shortened if the documents are brought to the provider’s nearest branch. In most cases, the address can be found easily via the website or a search engine. The applicant’s identity is checked in the branch. It is one of the legal requirements for lending. With a little luck, the branch will process the application itself, otherwise the complete documents will simply be forwarded from there by fax.

The time saved by the lightning transfer.

The time saved by the lightning transfer.

The clerk often only needs a short time to check a urgent loan application. The credit check can be completed within one to two hours. Now the money from the lender still has to go to his own checking account. This process normally takes one to two days. Not so with a credit transfer with lightning transfer. Lightning transfer is a priority. Most banks have a deadline for this type of transfer.

If the money is paid before 11 a.m., it will be credited to the account on the same day. If the instruction is given later, the money arrives in the recipient’s account the following morning. With a bit of luck and good timing, the credit transfer with lightning transfer will be available in less than a day.